The following specifications have been prepared by the Wingless Auto Racing Series (WAR) as guidelines for the operation of an affordable non wing sprint car series.

It is the intent of WAR officials to enforce and police these rules throughout the season. Anything not covered by these specifications should be approved by the series officials and placed in writing. Developments in technology may mandate a change in these specifications and additional interpretations and clarifications may become WAR rules and or policy.

Every rule was established with a particular intent. If you have and questions, please contact a WAR official. If a situation arises during an event, which is not clearly covered in the written rules or an announcement made during the drivers meeting, WAR officials will make the final decision on the situation at the time it occurs and make any required changes to the rules for the next event.

The rules and regulations set forth herein are designed to facilitate an orderly conduct of racing events and to
establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules are to govern the condition for all WAR Series events, by participating in these events; all agree to comply with these rules and regulations. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH
THESE RULES AND REGULATIONS. These rules are intended strictly as a guide for the conduct of the sport, and in
no way guarantee against any injury or death to participants, spectators, officials, or any others. The race director
shall have power to permit any reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications and procedures
meeting the WAR Series minimum requirements, certain restrictions may be applied for a temporary time to
enable the car to compete.

Driver Requirements:

  1. You must obtain a license or permit before being allowed to participate in an event. The annual license is $75 and a temporary permit is $25 per show. There is no limit on how many temporary permits you can obtain during the season. Drivers with a temporary permit will receive points and awards as if they had an annual license. In order to be eligible for the end of season points fund participant must have competed in at least 75% of all races scheduled by the WAR series.
  2. Throughout the season there will be additional Prizes and Money that will be offered to drivers as incentives, in order to be eligible for these incentives you must have competed in at least 75% of the races completed up until the current race date and must be a licensed member of the series.
  3. All drivers MUST attend the drivers meeting! Any changes to the format, program, purse, or rules, will be addressed at that time.

Age restrictions will be determined in advance by the track operator where WAR is scheduled to appear. This is usually based on insurance and other state regulations. It is the driver / owners responsibility to check with WAR officials prior to any planned appearance if age is a factor.

Sportsmanship / Conduct

  1. Drugs and Alcohol are STRICTLY PROHIBITED! The consumption of alcohol before the ENTIRE war program has been completed is prohibited. The use of any illegal drugs at ANYTIME is prohibited. The violation of this rule may result in the loss of all points and money for the night, and may be asked not to return based on severity.
  2. We are guest at every facility we will be attending. Drivers and team are expected to be respectful of each other and conduct themselves in a respectable manor to other drivers, crews, fans, track officials, and WAR officials.
  3. Abusive behavior, verbal or physical, will be handled according to the severity of the offense, and all penalties will be imposed at the sole discretion of WAR officials. This rule applies to the Owner, Driver, and Crew. Penalties may be given in the form of points or money forfeiture as well as removal from track based on severity of situation, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE EVERYONE WITH YOU UNDERSTANDS THIS RULE AND THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES! WAR officials will be more than happy to discuss any issues that might arise during an event, but MUST be done so in a respectful manor.
  4. Fighting or going into another drivers pit may result in the disqualification or suspension of that event or future events based on severity, prize monies and/or points may not be awarded as well.

Safety Equipment
Mandatory Equipment

  1. Fuel Bladder
  2. Headrest
  3. Right side safety net
  4. Quick release steering wheel
  5. Racing approved five point seat belt system, must be in good working condition and not frayed
  6. Full faced racing helmet in good working condition
  7. Minimum 2 layer fire retardant driving suit
  8. Arm restraints
  9. Nomex gloves
  10. All on and off switches and fuel shut off must be clearly marked and accessible

Any car thought to be unsafe by WAR officials will not be allowed to compete!

Recommended Equipment

  1. Head and neck restraint system
  2. Full containment seats
  3. Knee protection
  4. High impact roll bar padding
  5. Any safety belts or driver protective gear should be less than 2 years old

General Rules

  1. Mufflers may be mandatory at some tracks and you will be required to meet the tracks specifications.
  2. The order of events will be set at the drivers meeting
  3. All 4 wheelers and push vehicles must be operated in a safe manor
  4. All wheel covers or weights must be bolted or securely fastened to the car
  5. There will be a pill draw! If you do not draw a pill you will not be placed in a hot lap session. All groups will be set to equal numbers by total number of entries at time of draw.
  6. Your pill draw will determine your hot lap session, during your session and your session ONLY you will be timed in group qualifying. Your best 2 laps will be averaged and that will determine your starting position for the heat races.
  7. Late arrivals will tag the back of the first available heat race without disrupting the 10 car minimum after all qualifying cars have been placed.
  9. 3 minutes prior to qualifying beginning a horn will sound 3 times indicating your 3 minute warning. At this time it will be your responsibility to be in the staging area prior to your group going onto the track
  10. If you have ANY questions regarding the order of events or your qualification session it is your responsibility to get clarification from a WAR official prior to the 3 minute warning. In order to ensure the fairest possible qualifying for each competitor once the pill draw has closed everyone will be locked into their qualifying session and no changes will be allowed. AGAIN… THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

Specific Rules:

  1. FUELS:Methanol or Ethanol fuel only. A fuel sample will be obtained at some point through the night in the staging area from each car and fuel will be checked with a chromatograph for additives. No fuel additives of any kind allowed. If fuel is detected of additives, the car will be disqualified for the remainder of the night’s events. All monies earned will be forfeited to the point fund.
  2. FUEL TANKS & CELLS:All fuel tanks must have a bladder and be securely fastened. Fuel shut off valve is required and must be accessible by the driver while fully res trained inside the car.
  4. EXHAUST SYSTEM:Exhaust must be mounted in a manner that direct fumes away from the cockpit and tank. MUFFLERS ARE MANDATORY at tracks that require them! Cars are required to use the functioning SHOENFELD model # 112535 or SHOENFELD #IMCA 609, OR OTHER APPROVED MUFFLER . Please see individual Tracks Rules to determine ahead of time if they will be mandatory. Valley Speedway they are mandatory!
  5. IGNITION SYSTEM:Magnetos, electronic ignition with points are allowed. Gel-cell batteries are recommended if a battery is required. Liquid filled batteries must be fully enclosed and be securely fastened. Any loss of parts during a race will result in disqualification. All cars must have ignition switch mounted on dash. No traction controls allowed.
  6. COCKPIT:No cockpit adjustments of any kind allowed.
  7. CHASSIS:Any sprint car chassis is allowed, but must pass any inspections performed by track or WAR official. The roll cage must be of a four pos t design. The wheel base not less than 83″ and not more than 90″. Driver’s helmet cannot be higher than or stick thru the roll cage. If the car is seen to be unsafe to these standards, it will not be allowed to compete.
  8. ROLL CAGES:Top Rail: 1-1/2″ x .095
    Bottom Rails: 1-3/8″ x .095 or 1-1/2″ x .083
    Roll Cage Uprights : 1-3/8″ x .083
    Roll Cage Top Cross Members : 1-1/2″ x .095
    Upper Rails: 1-3/8″ x .083 or 1-1/4″ x .065
    Braces: 1-¼” x .065
    Suggested materials: 4130 normalized chrome molly alloy. No aluminum frames allowed.
    * For all specifications for frame dimensions and ballast locations, look up the rules tab at to review frame specifications. WAR’s are the same.
  9. DRIVE LINE HOOPS:All cars will be required to have a drive line hoop constructed of .065 s teel either welded or bolted to the chassis or strap restraint securely fastened to the lower frame rails. A mandatory rear cross member, constructed of .083 steel, must be in place. Steel torque tube safety loops under driver’s seat mandatory.
  10. BODY:All cars are required to run a full sprint appearing hood, side panels and floor pan. Body parts can be aluminum, fiber glass, or carbon fiber, should be on car where protection is required. No body panels can overlap frame rails more than 1″. No fins allowed on side panels or nerf bars. No pieces can be added to the frame for the usage of additional wedges or foils.
  11. REAR BUMPER, NERF BARS, DRAG LINKS & STEERING ROD:Steel only. It is highly recommended that drag links have a tether fastened to the frame.
  12. ROCK SCREENS:WAR strongly recommends all cars to have them at all times.
  13. FRONT AXLE:Steel only 2″ outside dimension minimum.
  14. BOLTSGrade 8 bolts are the suggested minimum bolt. No hollow or drilled bolts will be allowed.
  15. DRIVELINE & REAR ENDS:Quick change rear ends, steel torque tubes with safety loops under driver’s seat mandatory.
  16. BRAKES:Only steel, aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber rotors allowed. Disk brakes only.
  17. SHOCKS:Any type shocks are allowed. No cockpit adjuster allowed.
  18. NUMBERS:Numbers must be visible and neat appearing. Numbers must be on 12” on both sides of the tail tank and fuel tank. In addition, a 12″ number is required on the front hood.
  19. TIRES:The right rear tire must be HOOSIER MEDIUM, and will be checked at every event. Left rear and fronts are open at this time.
  20. WEIGHT RULE:All cars in this class must weigh 1,500 POUNDS AFTER RACE IS COMPLETE.
  21. SAFTEY EQUIPMENT:Drivers are responsible for their own safety equipment condition. WAR officials may not allow you to compete if it is determined your equipment is unsafe or outdated. Driver’s suit minimum requirements are SFI -5 rating multilayer or single layer on conjunction with Nomex underwear. A Nomex head sock, socks, gloves, neckcollar and shoes. The car will be equipped with a cage net on the right side or a head rest attached to the driver’s seat. Hans’s device or equal strongly recommended
  22. SEAT BELTS & DRIVER RESTRAINTS:Seat belts must be in good condition and have no signs of wear. It is recommended they are to be replaced every year. A 5 or 6 point configuration is attached to frame and roll cage. All belts are to be 3″ minimum size with a 2″ sub strap, with legible tags. Arm restraints and neck restraints or neck collars are mandatory. Approved sprint car safety seats are mandatory.
  23. HELMETSFill face helmets with a SA Snell of 2000 or newer with head restraint mandatory. A use of a securely fastened
    steering wheel with a quick disconnect and removable steering wheel is mandatory. Head nets are required if seats
    are not equipped with head rests.
  24. COMMUNICATIONS:A track approved raceciever is mandatory for this race class.
    The owner/promoter exercises the right to modify this rule structure as deemed necessary.